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Linux distro eith pre-installed Emacspeak

I've been using the following elisp to start emacspeak for years. I put this in
the /etc/emacs/site-start.d directory - it is called 10speech.el and has a
number of 10 so that it gets loaded before other packages etc. This is
important - for reliable setup, emacspeak's defadvice etc should be loaded
early in the startup process. 

You may want to remove some of my default settings i.e. setting speech rate,
turning off Raman's VM MIME configuration etc. At the very least, this should
give you an idea and a starting point.

Note that the script uses two environment variables, RUN_EMACSPEAK, which needs
to be set to have emacspeak loaded and SPEECH_SERVER, which I use to be able to
have multiple builds of emacspeak. With these two, I can control whether
emacspeak is loaded or which version is loaded simply by setting/changing
environment variables. The other nice thing is that you can have this script
installed centrally on a system used by non-emacspeak users and it won't impact
- they would have to set the RUN_EMACSPEAK env variable. 


;;      Filename: 10speech.el
;; Creation Date: Sunday, 16 January 2005 01:38 PM EST
;; Last Modified: Thursday, 03 June 2010 10:04 AM EST
;;        Author: Tim Cross <tcross@une.edu.au>
;;   Description: Script to load emacspeak when you run emacs

(when (and (not noninteractive)
           (not (featurep 'emacspeak))
           (getenv "RUN_EMACSPEAK"))
  (let ((src-path (concat "/home/tcross/"
                          (or (getenv "SPEECH_SERVER")
    (add-to-list 'load-path src-path)
    (setenv "EMACSPEAK_DIR" src-path)
    (setq emacspeak-aumix-multichannel-capable-p nil)
    (setq tts-default-speech-rate 90)
    (setq outloud-default-speech-rate 90)
    (setq emacspeak-vm-use-raman-settings nil)
    (add-hook 'emacspeak-startup-hook
              (lambda ()
                (dtk-set-rate tts-default-speech-rate 1)
                (emacspeak-toggle-auditory-icons t)))
    (load-file (concat src-path "/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el"))))

Alex Midence writes:
 > Good day to you all,
 > I wanted to pass this along so you guys would know this was out there.
 >  The latest version of Vinux has been released and comes with
 > Emacspeak already pre-installed and ready to go.  Unfortunately, it is
 > Emacspeak 32 and not 33 and it does use the shell script which the
 > .deb package creates in /usr/bin/emacspeak but it's been slightly
 > modified.  The -q switch has been removed from the line that actually
 > pulls up emacs and emacspeak making it possible for people to
 > customize it right away and the lines about running Emacs in unary
 > mode have been removed since this is no longer necessary.  Ideally, we
 > would've liked to have included a preinstalled version with the .emacs
 > file set up in such a way that Emacspeak comes up when users type
 > Emacs at the command prompt but, noone on the vinux project is
 > proficient enough with Emacs lisp to have pulled it off just yet.
 > Actually, I've decided to go ahead and just knuckle down and learn
 > elisp.  I don't know how long it will take me but we'll just have to
 > see.  It doesn't look like you can really get the most out of Emacs
 > and Emacspeak without some knowledge of it.  I want to scratch the
 > itch of making a sample .emacs file for people who want Emacspeak to
 > come up without the need for a shell script.  Hopefully, this can be
 > my contribution to the Vinux project and the emacspeak community.  I
 > want to thank everyone here who was so helpful in answering my
 > questions.  I was able to pass them along to Tony Sales who was then
 > able to put this thing together for others to use and enjoy.
 > Oh yes, the speech synthesizer that is used is Espeak through Pulse
 > Audio.  The basis for the distribution is Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS
 > with the latest updates.  The other accessibility solutions on there
 > are Speakup, Yasr and Orca.  There are other things on there but I do
 > not wish to get off topic.
 > Be well and warmest regards,
 > Alex M
 > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
 > From: Anthony Sales <tony.sales@rncb.ac.uk>
 > Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 21:28:28 +0000
 > Subject: [orca-list] Vinux 3.0.1 Released!
 > To: "orca-list@gnome.org" <orca-list@gnome.org>
 > The Vinux 3.0.1 release based on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS is now available
 > for download. This combines all of the accessibility of Vinux 3.1 with
 > the stability of Vinux 3.0 as well as a few completely new features.
 > In addition to the existing three screen-readers (Orca, Speakup and
 > YASR) this release also includes Emacspeak 'The Complete Audio
 > Desktop' pre-configured and ready to go out of the box. You can now
 > create audio books from text-based files using our exclusive Audiobook
 > Converter package, browse our new HTML based Vinux Manual to help get
 > you started, install the latest version of Libre Office using an
 > EasyInstall script, and customise your desktop experience with Ubuntu
 > Tweak. It is initially available as a 32bit CD -
 > http://vinuxproject.org/Downloads/V3.01/Vinux-3.0.1-X86.iso - md5sum:
 > d1ba630b56e25037e129af9853be38
 > 99 - 665MB - a 64bit CD -
 > http://vinuxproject.org/Downloads/V3.01/Vinux-3.0.1-X64.iso - md5sum:
 > e565b4a3f7e11aef8c87489feeef8fd9 - 700MB and a 32bit DVD version -
 > http://vinuxproject.org/Downloads/V3.01/Vinux-3.0.1-X86-DVD.iso -
 > md5sum: 20a11d1d752077ca82cfcf614095420f - 1.5GB which comes with
 > Libre Office and non-free multimedia codecs pre-installed. A 64bit DVD
 > and a 32bit USB version will be available shortly. Users should also
 > note that the official website has now moved to
 > http://vinuxproject.org<http://vinuxproject.org/>
 > Tony Sales
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