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Re: Questions about server protocol

Hi Strahinja,

yes, they are DECTalk conrol codes you are seeing.

As you are delving into the low level speech server stuff and
considering a new platform, you will need to use the source code for
much of the documentation. The comments are quite good and the code is
not that hard to follow. Some points which may make things a bit
easier -

- The first server for emacspeak was the dectalk. To some extent, the
design was originally based on the requirements and functionality of
this device. Support for other TTS engines was added later. Therefore,
understanding how emacspeak interfaces with the dectalk is a good way
to get across the basic architecture.

* Look at the dtk-exp and tts-lib.tcl files in the serves directory
will give you information on the basic low level tts commands. The
tts-lib.tcl file contains common server procedures while TTS engine
specific proceudres are in a tts specific file, such as dtk-exp for
the dectalk express or espeak for the espeak TTS etc.

* There are a number of *-voices.el files in the lisp directory. These
files are used to create the specific voice commands for each TTS
engine. For example, adding the :xy codes used by the dectalk. If the
TTS engine you will be using requires specific excape codes or
commands to control voice selection/pitch etc, you will need to
implement the API as is done for other TTS engines. You will then need
to modify the voice-setup.el file to define/load things for you new

* The most recent addition to support servers was for the mac. so it
could be a good source of current information. Bart and David may be
able to help as they will have a more recent and up-to-date knowledge
of the architecture than mine, which is a bit fuzzy and out of date.


On 16 January 2012 14:09, Strahinja Popovic <stralep@gmail.com> wrote:
> All right, I have found answer to my second question - this is defined
> in dectalk-voices.el and it seems that emacspeak thinks that my server
> is DECTalk...
> On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 8:44 PM, Strahinja Popovic <stralep@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello everyone!
>> This is my first post on this mailing list.
>> I'm currently trying to create Emacspeak server on Android platform,
>> using platform given TTS engine.
>> I have two problems and I hope that you could help me.
>> First, in my application log, there is server command that I've not
>> been able to find in documentation, "tts_sync_state". What should it
>> do?
>> Second, in case of "q" command, there are some strange arguments, such
>> as "q {[:np ]}". I haven't found what this means... Any help?
>> Best regards,
>> Strahinja Popovic
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Tim Cross

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