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Re: outloud and tones

Bart Bunting <bart@ursys.com.au> wrote:
> I'm having issues with beep running under vmware and can't quite figure
> out what the issue is. 
> Obviously it is trying to do something... as it hangs for the period of
> the generated beep.
> The man page suggests that there may be issues if run from an xterm,
> which in a way was what I was trying.  Also tried as root from a console
> and no joy either.

The handling of the PC speaker was changed a while ago; you may need to load a
module or play with Alsa settings via amixer. It's possible that your
virtualization environment doesn't emulate the PC speaker device at all. A
quick Web search should help here.

Pcspkr used to be the required kernel module, but as I recall, this has changed now.

Do you experience any of the same issues when running Linux and Emacspeak
directly on hardware without virtualization involved?

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