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How are people using shell/term with emacspeak

Hi everyone,

I've always used emacs shell mode to interact with things like ciscos
and various other linux boxes over ssh.

I miss a few things though that you get from a fully fledged terminal
emulator such as tab completion.

I've tinkered with term mode in emacs but for some reason always found
it difficult to use.

I'm not sure if it is my lack of experience with it or if it is
genuinely clunkier to use with emacspeak.  I miss things like easy
isearching etc that I have in shell mode.  I know I can switch between
character and line modes and tend to do so if I'm using term mode.

I was wondering what everyone else is using, how do you find term mode
and are there any tricks I should consider or things I should learn that
would make using term easier?

I'd appreciate pointers from anyone who has time to respond.

Kind regards


Kind regards


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