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Re: How are people using shell/term with emacspeak

At Thu, 27 Dec 2012 11:03:07 +1100,Bart Bunting wrote:>> Hi
everyone,>> I've always used emacs shell mode to interact with things
like ciscos> and various other linux boxes over ssh.>> I miss a few
things though that you get from a fully fledged terminal> emulator
such as tab completion.>> I've tinkered with term mode in emacs but
for some reason always found> it difficult to use.>> I'm not sure if
it is my lack of experience with it or if it is> genuinely clunkier to
use with emacspeak.  I miss things like easy> isearching etc that I
have in shell mode.  I know I can switch between> character and line
modes and tend to do so if I'm using term mode.>> I was wondering what
everyone else is using, how do you find term mode> and are there any
tricks I should consider or things I should learn that> would make
using term easier?>> I'd appreciate pointers from anyone who has time
to respond.>I would take a peek at emacspeak-eterm.el and the keymap
defined therein --for example, you can:c-t, R to toggle review mode
and arrow around. Pressing 's' allows you to do a forward

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