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Re: Emacs daemon [was "Re: [SPAM?] Re: [slightly OT] pulseaudio, Orca, and Emacs"]

Christopher Chaltain <chaltain@gmail.com> wrote:
> Right now, I start Emacs with /usr/bin/emacspeak, so starting emacs
> --daemon and running emacsclient doesn't give me Emacspeak. I'm
> looking around, but I"m wondering how others start Emacspeak. 

This has been discussed before on the list, thus I would suggest searching the
archive for examples.

In brief, however, most people start Emacspeak from their ~/.emacs or
~/.emacs.d/init.el file.

The /usr/bin/emacs script exists only for beginners, not for serious users who
have their Emacs configurations set up properly.

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