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Re: [EMACSPEAK The Complete Audio Desktop] Searching GMail Using IMap And GNUS

Hi Steve,

there is nothing 'non-standard' about those ports. The first is the standard port for imap over ssl and the second is actually the preferred port for email submission (under the updated standard). 

It has been a while since I have used VM with gmail, but it certainly did work 12 months ago. For VM, you will probably get best results using the most recent dev snapshot from the launchpad bzr repo. You will also get best results with the latest stable emacs 24.3 as there were some issues getting SSL to work with earlier versions as this was whem emacs moved from using external tools for ssl to using a linked in library (assuming the binary you have has the lib linked in of course). 


On 13 February 2014 01:34, Robert D. Crawford <robdcraw@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello Steve,

I use gnus for mail, rss, and nntp.  For mail I get it down to my
machine using fetchmail and use google's SMTP..  Since I'm sure you will
be using IMAP (at least that is what started this exchange) my setup
will not be helpful.  My SMTP setup, however, might be of use if you
understand some elisp.  If you want it, let me know and I'll purge it of
the personal stuff and send it along.

Best regards,

Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com> writes:

> I might give vm or gnus another spin pretty soon. I have been
> concerned about using non-standard ports like gmail uses and also the
> use of PGP or SMIME encryption. Can all this be done with vm and gnus?
> When I mean non-standard ports, I actually mean gmail compatibility;
> it uses ports 993 and 587 for inbound and outbound respectively. I
> also didn't recall gnus supportint ssl. I could be totally wrong here
> about gnus and vm but don't have all the right parameters either. If I
> can do all that with these mail clients, it will be fun to give them a
> try.
> Presently I use mutt and integrate emacs as its message editor.
> Any clarification?
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