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Re: Bits and bobs

Start by posting to the list. The advantage with the Emacs Wiki
is that it is easily found via search engines, and no one there
will object to you putting up a page there -- in fact from memory
I created one a long time ago but never put anything there.
>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
    Bart> Raman, I'm thinking that 1 is too specific and time
    Bart> consuming. 2 might be useful if other people wanted to
    Bart> contribute. Something like a grab bag of bits that have
    Bart> been useful to emacspeak users at some point in time
    Bart> all in a git repo.
    Bart> 3 Again, this stuff is pretty specific to emacspeak
    Bart> users so the generic emacs wiki doesn't feel right.
    Bart> I could just post to the list and hope that searches
    Bart> turn it up if required.
    Bart> Does anyone else have any stuff that would be
    Bart> contributable to a git repo.
    Bart> Kind regards Bart
    Bart> "T. V. Raman" <tv.raman.tv@gmail.com> writes:
    >> A few thoughts:
    >> it's a balance between how much time you're willing to put
    >> into packaging/documenting things vs how broadly it gets
    >> used.
    >> Based on these two parameters here are a range of choices
    >> I see:
    >> 1. Well-packaged/documented: publish via elpa -- easiest
    >> for the user.
    >> 2. Check it into github as a first step -- with the goal
    >> of getting to 1 -- risk is that it might be yet another
    >> moribund/undiscovered blob of code
    >> 3. Create a page on the Emacs Wiki with tips and code
    >> fragments.
    >>>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
    Bart> Morning, I have a couple of bits of glue, both elisp
    Bart> and shell scripts that are pretty specific to my
    Bart> workflow but never the less may be helpful for someone
    Bart> out there.
    Bart> If anyone is interested let me know and I'll clean them
    Bart> up and post.
    Bart> - I run emacs on the mac. I run windows in a vmware
    Bart> fusion vm. I have Some elisp and a shell script that
    Bart> let you send a file from a dired buffer over to the vm
    Bart> and launch openbook on it and OCR the file. There are
    Bart> limitations in that openbook has no scripting so it
    Bart> just opens the file in openbook. It may be possible to
    Bart> do more with some sort of automation on the windows
    Bart> side but I find it convenient enough to just hit a key
    Bart> in emacs and have the file OCR and open in windows.
    Bart> - The other is a bit of elisp that lets you open a file
    Bart> from a dired buffer in chrome. Pretty simple but I find
    Bart> it helpful.
    Bart> Raman, is there a better way for the community to
    Bart> collect these sort of hacks? I'm thinking now of things
    Bart> that are really only useful to emacspeak users and not
    Bart> the wider community? Perhaps a wiki or some sort of git
    Bart> repo? --
    Bart> Kind regards
    Bart> Bart
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    Bart> Kind regards
    Bart> Bart

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