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emacspeak and orgstruct-mode key bindings

Hi again,

I'm trying to track down another strange key binding issue.

This time it's with orgstruct-mode and emacspeak.

What I'm seeing is that somehow control as in the letters c o n t r o l
are bound as a prefix.

This only appears to happen if emacspeak is loaded.

I've tried with an init file just loading emacspeak and nothing else.

Can anyone else verify if this exists for them or is it peculiar to my

The easiest way to tell is to turn on orgstruct-mode with m-x
then try and type the letter c.

If it works then you don't have the problem.

Here is an extract from typing 'c ?' to illustrate the strange key

c o n t r o l x n		Prefix Command

c o n t r o l c *		orgstruct-hijacker-org-ctrl-c-star
c o n t r o l c -		orgstruct-hijacker-org-ctrl-c-minus-1
c o n t r o l c @		orgstruct-hijacker-org-mark-subtree

Kind regards

Bart Bunting

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