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I am new here



i have found the Emacsspeak software on the internet and I am no user of it at the moment, but let me say, I like what you’re doing. It looks promising.

I am Niklas and am interested in Emacsspeak. A few questions before I decide to try it:

-          From what I read, emacs is only available in English, is that right?

-          Is a speech synthesizer build into Emacsspeak?

-          Do I have to download emacs separately or is this audio desktop a full package?

-          Are the games fully accessible wich are included?

-          Is Emacsspeak still in development?

-          Can I use it on an USB drive as a portable version as well?

-          From what I understand, it is no simple editor anymore. It has become a Multitool I can do lots of things with. Does it only run with speech or does it support Braille displays as well?

I hope it works on windows 7, I am currently a jaws user and use NVDA as well, but other free solutions like this are interesting, too in my opinion. Please keep up the great work.


Thank you in advance.


Best regards

Niklas Rittinghaus

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