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new user with a few questions

hi all
I've just subscribed to this list and am new to emacs. I've read the emacs tutorial and some of the emacspeak 
documentation, so I know the basics. But I have a few questions, and I cannot seem to find a solution on my own, so 
please be patient. Daisy playback:
I read that emacspeak has seemingly two daisy readers, one invoked by emacspeak-bookshare and emacspeak-daisy-open-book. 
Which should I use for playing my daisy 3.0 text files from bookshare? I cannot seem to find a way to give emacspeak a 
folder where all my books are stored and have it index that folder, returning a title list. When I type 
emacspeak-open-book, I get book navigation file: ~/. I try typing in the exact path of an ncx file, but it just sits 
there, perhaps I haven't done it right. I then tried open dired, navigating to the ncx file and pressing enter on it, 
but it opened it up, I guess thinking I wanted to edit it. Can anyone give me any pointers? I've looked at the help on 
both emacspeak daisy and emacspeak bookshare, but can't seem to figure out how to open books. When I open 
emacspeak-bookshare, and try pressing b for browse it returns, bookshare password for nil. I type in my password. It 
then returns, does not look like a bookshare response. I'm stumped.

 My next question is how to mud with emacspeak? There's an accessible tintin pack for alter aeon which uses tintin for 
the mud client, adding sounds, music, etc. I'm sure there's a way to open terminal apps in emacspeak, but I'm not sure 
how. I managed to open the terminal emulator, but it didn't speak. Maybe I'm supposed to open something else?
My last question is about running emacspeak with espeak. I can get emacspeak working with espeak just fine, so I know 
how to build the emacspeak espeak server, and all that. But it defaults to using the brittish voice, and I prefer the us 
english voice. Is it possible to specify another language to speak in, and possibly a varient to speak with? If not, 
would anyone be willing to add it? I'm not a coder, so can't really help much, except pointing to espeak documentation
Thanks and sorry for the flood of questions
Kendell clark

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