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RE: Bits and bobs

Now that Raman has mentioned it, I think a github repository for snippets of emacspeak related code and scripts might be a good idea. I agree that due to the specialist requirements for emacspeak users, a more general emacs repository is probably not that useful. 

A github repo could also be a rich source of code/ideas for Raman. For example, if a bit of code was popular and received significant enough attention, Raman could consider adding it to the main emacspeak distro. 

This could also be a possible solution to having a 'better' default configuration. I've been running my emacs configuration out of a github repo for a while now and find it really good. Now, whenever I need to get emacs and emacspeak running on a new system, I just clone the repo into ~/.emacs.d and if I make any changes, I just make them locally and push them back up to github, later pulling them down onto other hosts as necessary.

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From: Bart Bunting [bart@bunting.net.au]
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Subject: Re: Bits and bobs


I'm thinking that 1 is too specific and time consuming.
2 might be useful if other people wanted to contribute.  Something like
a grab bag of bits that have been useful to emacspeak users at some
point in time all in a git repo.

3 Again, this stuff is pretty specific to emacspeak users so the generic
emacs wiki doesn't feel right.

I could just post to the list and hope that searches turn it up if

Does anyone else have any stuff that would be contributable to a git

Kind  regards

"T. V. Raman" <tv.raman.tv@gmail.com> writes:

> A few thoughts:
> it's a balance between how much time you're willing to put into
> packaging/documenting things vs how broadly it gets used.
> Based on these two parameters here are a range of choices I see:
> 1. Well-packaged/documented: publish via elpa -- easiest for the
> user.
> 2. Check it into github as a first step -- with the goal of
> getting to 1 -- risk is  that it might be yet another
> moribund/undiscovered blob of code
> 3. Create a page on the Emacs Wiki with tips and code fragments.
>>>>>> "Bart" == Bart Bunting <bart@bunting.net.au> writes:
>     Bart> Morning, I have a couple of bits of glue, both elisp
>     Bart> and shell scripts that are pretty specific to my
>     Bart> workflow but never the less may be helpful for someone
>     Bart> out there.
>     Bart>
>     Bart> If anyone is interested let me know and I'll clean them
>     Bart> up and post.
>     Bart>
>     Bart> - I run emacs on the mac. I run windows in a vmware
>     Bart> fusion vm. I have Some elisp and a shell script that
>     Bart> let you send a file from a dired buffer over to the vm
>     Bart> and launch openbook on it and OCR the file. There are
>     Bart> limitations in that openbook has no scripting so it
>     Bart> just opens the file in openbook. It may be possible to
>     Bart> do more with some sort of automation on the windows
>     Bart> side but I find it convenient enough to just hit a key
>     Bart> in emacs and have the file OCR and open in windows.
>     Bart>
>     Bart> - The other is a bit of elisp that lets you open a file
>     Bart> from a dired buffer in chrome. Pretty simple but I find
>     Bart> it helpful.
>     Bart>
>     Bart>
>     Bart>  Raman, is there a better way for the community to
>     Bart> collect these sort of hacks? I'm thinking now of things
>     Bart> that are really only useful to emacspeak users and not
>     Bart> the wider community? Perhaps a wiki or some sort of git
>     Bart> repo? --
>     Bart>
>     Bart>
>     Bart> Kind regards
>     Bart>
>     Bart> Bart
>     Bart>
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Kind regards


To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
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To unsubscribe from the emacspeak list or change your address on the
emacspeak list send mail to "emacspeak-request@cs.vassar.edu" with a
subject of "unsubscribe" or "help".

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