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Espeak mod for pitch/range

fI'd urge other ESpeak users to test this -- I myself dont use espeak.
>>>>> "Hussain" == Hussain Jasim <hussainmkj@gmail.com> writes:
    Hussain> I've cobbled together modifications to add support
    Hussain> for changing Espeak's pitch and range controls from
    Hussain> Emacspeak.
    Hussain> You can get the modded version from
    Hussain> https://github.com/ringulreith/emacspeak_emod
    Hussain> This is how it looks in my .emacs: (dtk-set-rate 800
    Hussain> t) (dtk-set-range 100 t) (dtk-set-pitch 60 t)
    Hussain> This seems to be interacting well with voice fonts,
    Hussain> but I haven't tested them extensively; Bug reports
    Hussain> would be appreciated.
    Hussain> Note that this only works with Espeak as of right
    Hussain> now. I only added these controls to the Espeak
    Hussain> server, and stuff will probably break in unexpected
    Hussain> ways if you try to set them while using other
    Hussain> backends. If anyone is interested in having support
    Hussain> for their synth, let me know and I'll try to add it.
    Hussain> I hope someone else finds this useful!
    Hussain> Regards, Hussain
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