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Espeak mod for pitch/range

I've cobbled together modifications to add support for changing
Espeak's pitch and range controls from Emacspeak.

You can get the modded version from

This is how it looks in my .emacs:
(dtk-set-rate 800 t)
(dtk-set-range 100 t)
(dtk-set-pitch 60 t)

This seems to be interacting well with voice fonts, but I haven't
tested them extensively; Bug reports would be appreciated.

Note that this only works with Espeak as of right now. I only added
these controls to the Espeak server, and stuff will probably break in
unexpected ways if you try to set them while using other backends. If
anyone is interested in having support for their synth, let me know
and I'll try to add it.

I hope someone else finds this useful!


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