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Re: [EMACSPEAK The Complete Audio Desktop] Emacspeak 3.0: Released 20 Years Ago Today!

Hi Raman

Thank you very much for your great work on Emacspeak during the last
20 years! It is very much appreciated.

  After losing my eyesight in 2005, emacspeak allowed me to regain the
ability to use a computer in the environment I was familiar with, i.e.
Linux and Open Source software in general. Finding out I could
continue to use the computer for communication, information access,
programming, and tinkering was one of the things that helped me keep
my sanity in the months of desperation just after going blind. Since then,
Emacspeak has been the fundamental piece of my accessibility toolbox . I
use it daily both privately and for work. To me, one of its most
appealing qualaties is its relative simplicity and transparency. It
gives me the confidence that if things break, I will be able to fix
them myself if necessary.

Best regards


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