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using different language of eSpeak speech server

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I'm trying to use eSpeak in Emacs 24.3.1 with Emacspeak 40.0 build
9180 with the Bulgarian voice of ESpeak, which is available since
february 2011.
I looked up the documentation and I found that I can change the
language using either c-e,d,S and then entering a language code or
using c-e,d,P for previous and c-e,d,N for next language, but at first
only English was available.
At first I thought that the problem is my ESpeak, but then I opened
the file:
and noticed line 84:
// Uncomment below your preferred languages
The Bulgarian wasn't one of them, cause I guess I wasn't available of
the time of the last change in this file.
However I've added it and recompiled the library, which made it to
appear in Emacspeak.
Now I can't switch to it with either method - Emacspeak says "bg", but
continues to use the English voice with one exception - when reading
by character.
Please could you tell me what might be the problem and how I can
eventually fix it?
Also, please edit the tclespeak.cpp file to include all currently
available languages in ESpeak, enabled by default - you can get them
with espeak --voices.
I've also noticed that speak_lib.h, which tclespeak.cpp uses, also
contains the following function:
ESPEAK_API const espeak_VOICE **espeak_ListVoices(espeak_VOICE
/* Reads the voice files from espeak-data/voices and creates an array
of espeak_VOICE pointers.
   The list is terminated by a NULL pointer

   If voice_spec is NULL then all voices are listed.
   If voice spec is given, then only the voices which are compatible
with the voice_spec
   are listed, and they are listed in preference order.

So you could use that one to generate the list dynamically.
I would do it myself, but I don't speak neither C++ nor TCL - that's
why I'm asking, smile. It also will be very helpfull to other people
which want to use a different language, especially for new users like me.

I have another thought - why it is required for the user to compile
the speach server manually? Isn't it possible for it to be compiled
during compiling of Emacspeak? Or at least to inform the user the
exact action and the directory - I spotted at least a few people who
didn't knew or had problems with that step.

Best wishes,
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