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Re: Emacspeak ignores custom values from the .emacs file

So far, using org-mode seems to work well. I’m still tweaking it a bit to get it right, but essentially, you can define your elisp blocks so that when you generate the code from the file, it will put various blocks in different *.el files. In my setup, I have a directory in .emacs.d called ‘lisp’ where all my *.el files go - for example, I have init-emacspeak.el

In my .emacs.d directory, I have an init.org file and an init.el file. The init.el file and the *.el files in the lisp directory are all generated from the init.org file. The init.el file is essentially just some basic setup code i.e. setting load-path etc and then a whole bunch of require statements which load files from the lisp directory. 

I will try to find time to clean up my init.org file and will then ut it up on github in case anyone wants to have a look at it. However, emacspeak users will need to recognise that my setup is a bit more complex than most users will need and has a lot of additional packages which many probably won’t want. Provided people use it just as a guide and not a canned configuration file, I’m happy for people to use whatever they want from it. I will not be in a position to help debug any problems people run into.

I have also included an experimental ‘get me out of trouble’ feature, which should allow easy startup of emacs with emacspeak in a minimal configuration - the idea being that if you break things, you have an escape hatch to get basic functionality back. 



Tim Cross

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On 11 Jun 2015, at 12:04 am, T. V. Raman <tv.raman.tv@gmail.com> wrote:

That's good to hear -- re org -- have been planning to do
something like that for myself -- just haven't had the time. My
.custom file keeps corrupting itself and I started keeping it
under git control -- but that doesn't help much either. A giant
custom file basically becomes a single-point of failure -- it's
like the Windows Registry:-)
"Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@une.edu.au> writes:
   Tim> ?Hi Victor, I think Raman hit the nail on the head - the
   Tim> dtk speech settings, such as speech rate, are a little
   Tim> different and need to be setup as part of the startup
   Tim> hook. Have a look at his settings in the tvr directory
   Tim> for good examples. I moved away from using the custom
   Tim> stuff, preferring to do it manually. In fact, I recently
   Tim> moved to using org-mode with babel and now keep all my
   Tim> emacs config in a file called init.org and use org modes
   Tim> babel support to export the relevant bits as *.el files
   Tim> in my .emacs.d directory. Quite like using this literate
   Tim> programming approach to maintaining my configuration as
   Tim> it provides more background/notes on why certain
   Tim> configuraitons are done in certain ways.
   Tim> Tim
   Tim> -- Tim Cross IT Security Manager Information Technology
   Tim> Directorate University of New England Armidale NSW 2351
   Tim> Phone: +61 2 6773 3210 Mobile: +61 428 212 217 Email:
   Tim> tcross@une.edu.au ________________________________ From:
   Tim> Victor Tsaran <vtsaran@gmail.com> Sent: Wednesday, 10
   Tim> June 2015 2:18 PM To: Tim Cross Cc: emacspeak Subject:
   Tim> Re: Emacspeak ignores custom values from the .emacs file
   Tim> Hello TIm. All of your assumptions are correct. I set
   Tim> custom values from the Easy Customization wizards,
   Tim> Emacspeak is loaded from the first line of my .emacs
   Tim> file and c-e c-s does not make any difference in my
   Tim> scenario.
   Tim> Thanks, Victor
   Tim> On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 1:27 AM, Tim Cross
   Tim> <theophilusx@gmail.com<mailto:theophilusx@gmail.com>>
   Tim> wrote: Hi Victor,
   Tim> we probably need a bit more info as there are different
   Tim> ways of doing this.
   Tim> Can you clarify - are you using emacs custom to set
   Tim> these values or have you created entries manually in
   Tim> your emacs init file to customize emacs settings?
   Tim> I'm assuming you have a line in your .emacs file to load
   Tim> the emacspeak startup stuff - is this at the beginning
   Tim> of your .emacs file?
   Tim> Is this with all emacspeak settings or just some?
   Tim> If you restart the server with C-e C-s, do your settings
   Tim> take effect?
   Tim> Tim
   Tim> On 9 June 2015 at 16:40, Victor Tsaran
   Tim> <vtsaran@gmail.com<mailto:vtsaran@gmail.com>> wrote:
   Tim> Hi. I've noticed the below behavior since I started
   Tim> running from the git repository, but didn't want to ask
   Tim> here before looking around. Unfortunately, I did not
   Tim> find any answer, so am posting here... After making the
   Tim> Emacspeak-relatedcustomizations, which are saved in my
   Tim> .emacs file, every time I start Emacs with Emacspeak,
   Tim> the latter ignores Emacspeak-related values from . emacs
   Tim> and reverts to the default ones. For example, if I set
   Tim> my Mac speech rate to 550, Emacspeak reverts to the
   Tim> default one (225) upon startup. I know that my .emacs is
   Tim> in good condition because other values are loaded with
   Tim> no problems.
   Tim> Where else can I look to troubleshoot this?
   Tim> Thanks, Victor
   Tim> -- regards,
   Tim> Tim
   Tim> -- Tim Cross

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