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Emacspeak and org mode

Dear All,

is anyone else experiencing signficant loss of functionality with emacspeak and org mode recently?

I’ve noticed that in the last week, a number of significant problems with org mode and emacspeak. Unfortunately, I upgraded both my emacspeak and org mode at about the same time, so I’m not sure whether the issue is with emacspeak or org mode. 

I run the org-plus-contrib package from the org mode elpa repository. I’m running emacspeak from github.

Things I have noticed

1. When adding a note from an agenda view ie. after hittinng ‘z’, while entering the note, emacspeak just keeps repeating “before headline at position xxxx”, which makes using the note feature near impossible
2. running org-babel-load-file to generate new code files from babel code is extremely slow
3. Clocking in/out in the agenda doesn’t seem to work correctly and I think is throwing an error (but it isn’t spoken, so I need to dig deeper).
4. When working in an *.org file, moving down lines withe either C-n or arrow down, every now and again, emacspeak speaks the top/first heading line instead of the line of text the cursor is at. You have to move up and down a few times before it will speak the line rather than the headline

plus a number of other issues. 

I’m not looking for an angel to come and fix this. I’m just after any input to know if

1. anyone else seeing similar recently?
2. any clues as to whether this is due to changes in emacspeak or org-mode

and of course, if you have fixes/work-arounds, I’ll take them too!



Tim Cross

IT Security Manager
Information Technology Directorate

University of New England
Armidale N.S.W. 2351 Australia

Email: tcross@une.edu.au
Phone: +61 2 6773 3210
Mobile: +61 428 212 217

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