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Re: Emacspeak for windows

W dniu 2015-09-09 11:26, Steve Holmes pisze:
The main thing that doesn’t work for me with Emacspeak for windows is I get no auditory icons and like I said earlier, left and right arrow keys don’t speak; I have to rely on my windows screen reader to speak those keys. Oh and that also applies to c-f and c-b keys so it’s not specific keystrokes that don’t work; it is the cursor movement some how.

For bug reports there is a division "tickets" on sourceforge project page. It's best to file them there. If you post it on this group please make it a separate subject for every bug report, with a good title. And the version number must be provided.

readme_windows.txt is a good place to see the version, under the "Changes" part.


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