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Re: Emacs / Emacspeak inside a GUI window on Mac OS

Victor Tsaran <vtsaran@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ah interesting. Looks like Emacspeak was loading after all but it would not come up speaking, so I assumed it wasn't loading.
> Once I reloaded the speech server, everything started working. 

Just a note for those hoping to use Emacs with both Emacspeak and a braille
display, the Emacs GUI is inaccessible under OS X. Therefore, you can't run
Emacs in a window and use VoiceOver's braille support to read it; this must
instead be done from a terminal - and Linux virtual consoles have much better
braille support, thanks to BRLTTY, than the OS X terminal.

Thus, Emacs + Emacspeak + a braille display under Linux gives you a very
powerful speech + braille combination for eyes-free computing.

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