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Progress on soundblaster driver and comparison on dectalk versus doubletalk


Does anyone know if there has been any progress on an emacspeak driver 
for standard sound cards, that is, something like a soundblaster?

I am getting ready to purchsaae either the dectalk or doubletalk and 
just wanted to check first if anyone is working on a driver for standard 
sound cards currently.  If anyone is working on this, is there an 
estimated date of completion?

I have gotten a bit of feedback that the dectalk is better than the 
doubletalk in the sense that it is capable of speaking faster than the 
doubletalk -- this I got from one user.  

The dectalk sells for about three times what the doubletalk sells for.  
Does anyone else have any feedback to give me on these two cards before 
I make the decision as to which to purchase?  I am really right now more 
inclined to purchase the dectalk because I think I might as well just 
get the best since I will be using it a lot.  I just wanted to be sure 
if I could that the dectalk is worth the extra money.

The two prices I've got so far for the two synthesizers are:
$960 for dectalk from LS&S group.
$310 for doubletalk LT, which is the external version, from Voila 
technology inc.

Also, has anyone found any resellers with better prices than these?

Thanks for your help.

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