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Re: Progress on soundblaster driver and comparison on dectalk versus doubletalk


If you happen to already have a DecTalk Express around, great!  If
not, it's probably not worth paying about three times the price of a
DoubleTalk LT for speech of quality almost as high as that of the
Express.  I'm running an LT at an estimated rate of 450 words per
minute and notice no decline in speech quality with increasing rate.
How fast do you plan on running the device?  I can see if, maybe, it
gets bursty at some higher rate.

If you have about $1,000 budgeted for a synthesizer, why not consider
something like the Braille'nspeak?  It is, not only a good
text-to-speech box, but a notetaker, as well.  If need be, you can use
the BNS as an external terminal, something I've had to do more than
once in my adventures with Emacspeak.  I use both the DoubleTalk LT
and the BNS 640 with Emacspeak 6.0.

Best Regards,

Dave Hunt  <dave@dahunt.tiac.net
Amateur  Radio:  wx1g

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