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Re: Progress on soundblaster driver and comparison on dectalk versus doubletalk

I run the lt at its highest speech rate and I love it and would not even
go near a dectalk express.

ken /whsitler

On Sun, 4 Jan 1998, Dave Hunt wrote:

> Greetings!
> If you happen to already have a DecTalk Express around, great!  If
> not, it's probably not worth paying about three times the price of a
> DoubleTalk LT for speech of quality almost as high as that of the
> Express.  I'm running an LT at an estimated rate of 450 words per
> minute and notice no decline in speech quality with increasing rate.
> How fast do you plan on running the device?  I can see if, maybe, it
> gets bursty at some higher rate.
> If you have about $1,000 budgeted for a synthesizer, why not consider
> something like the Braille'nspeak?  It is, not only a good
> text-to-speech box, but a notetaker, as well.  If need be, you can use
> the BNS as an external terminal, something I've had to do more than
> once in my adventures with Emacspeak.  I use both the DoubleTalk LT
> and the BNS 640 with Emacspeak 6.0.
> -- 
> Best Regards,
> Dave Hunt  <dave@dahunt.tiac.net
> Amateur  Radio:  wx1g

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