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Re: Progress on soundblaster driver and comparison on dectalk versus doubletalk

Dave says:

...  I'm running an LT at an estimated rate of 450 words per

What are you doing to get that rate?  When I spoke with the doubletalk
technician a few weeks back, he played it at "top speed" and it was
slower than a dectalk set at 350 wpm.  Since I use my dectalk in the
420 - 480, I would be very interested if the doubeltalk can be
modified to get 450 words per minute.

Has anyone used the PC software dectalk?  Any idea how it measures up?  If
it is up to the task, then that would be an insentive to get a win95
driver writen for it to go with emacspeak.  That would make emacspeak
available to a larger audiance.  I could see public libraries putting
it on their machines for folks to use - if they could run it under
win95 and not have to shell out for another piece of hardware.  - just
a late night thought.


 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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