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W3 and HTML special characters

1) the bug with some of these characters in W3 is a known
one and is being worked on please upgrade to the newest 4.x
release and see if it fixed.

You should be able to use Emacspeak's dictionary feature to
define pronunciations for the appropriate octal values in W3
mode once the former problem is overcome.

Note: if you are going to switch to W3 4.x I highly
recommend switching to Emacs 20 first, this is because of
conflicts between newer versions of the custom libraries and
those that were bundled with emacs 19.34 and earlier.

Happy computing.

Also, if you get a new version of W3 4.x and it still throws
an error on inserting some characters load the following
code into your emacs (*this is a very temporary fix*)

(defadvice insert-char (around w3-fix-bug pre act comp)
"Warning warning warning-- hack to work around W3 bug"
(condition-case nil
(error (message "caught a bug"))))

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