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Re: Problems with Emacspeak--More Transcripts

Brian -

1. I suggest you try running without your .emacs file (rename it

2. If you are in term mode, then C-x C-c does not work.  If you are in
line sub-mode, you first need C-c C-k to get to character sub-mode.
Then, you can open a buffer that visits a file with C-c C-f and a file

3. If you have a buffer that visits a file, but you have still lost
your key bindings, then I suggest you use the view-lossage command to
recover your recent keypresses.  Here is an example, where I will
alternate a line of keypresses with an explanation:

C-x C-f f o o RET 
  Switch to a buffer visiting file "foo".
ESC x v i e w - l o s s a g e RET 
  Open a second window which displays the recent keypresses.
C-x o ESC > ESC w 
  Switch to the other window, save the contents to the kill buffer.
C-x o C-y C-x C-s
  Switch back to the file buffer, yank the keypresses, and save the file.

If you get this far, we would at least have more data to work with.

                              - Jim Van Zandt

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