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Re: Problems with Emacspeak--More Transcripts

Hi Bryan,

Here's some good news for you.  I've just upgraded to
RH 5.0 and everything is (finally) working.

I didn't do anything special...

1) A totally clean install, installing all but 1 package.
2) Installed many of the upgrades suggested in the 5.0 errata
3. Installed Jim's emacspeak rpm 
4. Ran the emacspeakconfig script
5. Fired it up.

The speaker process did shut down after a few hours of
work on the first day.  This made me quite nervous.  It hasn't
happenned since, however.

I'm using Emacs 20.2, emacspeak 7.0, and w3 4.0 pre 13.

The only thing that didn't work out of the box was the speech-server
script that comes with emacspeak.  This had to do with the new
version of tclx.  I changed a few lines, and it works fine.
I can post the changes if anyone is interested.

Jim, the emacspeak rpm is pretty slick - thanks!



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