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Re: Emacspeak problems with emacs20


I'd say that the terminal emulator functionality is the most problematic
portion of Emacspeak.  I have several problems myself, including...

*  When starting a term buffer, no output is spoken in line mode by
Emacspeak until the cursor has made it about half way down the screen
(usually by repeated tapping of the return key).

*  Sometimes, after long sessions with a term buffer, I will experience
similar problems as do you with spech in the term becoming very flaky.
Output may or may not be spoken (I have not determined the pattern).

Additionally, I'd like to report this strange behavior with Emacspeak.
This is not "rain on Raman" day, but just thought I would provide this info
so you guys could have a look

*  Sometimes the Emacspeak read by character mode will
become...well...flaky.  That is such an undescriptive word, but I'm unable
to sum it up in a word.  Strange things will start to happen, such as
instead of speaking a letter, the DecTalk will say "space" followed by the
letter.  A reset will correct this problem.

*  Also, it seems as if the read by character mode uses a higher speech
rate than the regular reading speed of the DecTalk.  I can understand the
DecTalk at high speeds, but am unable to use a greater speed than 450,
because characters are uninteligable at higher speeds.


Bryan R. Smart
E-Mail: bsmart@pobox.com

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