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Emacspeak problems with emacs20

Hello. I sent a message about this problem several weeks ago, but after consulting the archives, it appears as if the message never made it. So, I'll send it again. :)
I am running the Debian packages for emacs20 and emacspeak 7.0. For months, I ran emacspeak and emacs 19.34 side-by-side, and they worked flawlessly.
Now, however, many new Debian packages are depending on emacs20, so I thought I'd give it a try. Everything worked fine immediately after the installation. After about half an hour, though, my first and only problem surfaced.
I spend most of my time in a terminal buffer, using line mode. Initially, the buffer is spoken flawlessly. However, after about 20 minutes I receive much less speech from the buffer. As an example, an ls in a crowded directory reports only the last few lines of text. If 4 lines of text are displayed, the last 1 or 2 may be spoken, whereas the rest is simply ignored. I've also noticed that after this problem occurs, emacspeak no longer speaks each word after I type it and press space.
I've tried quite a number of things to solve the problem. Re-initializing the synthesizer (Using both C-e C-s and C-e d r), switching to character mode and then to line mode just to insure that I didn't inadvertantly place the terminal in character mode ... Nothing worked. The only thing that DID work was a downgrade to emacs 19.34.
Also, this problem only seems to surface in terminal buffers. Mail, w3 and gnus buffers don't seem to cause this problem. It may be that I don't use these buffers for long periods of time, the buffer in which this message is being composed for example. Furthermore, the amount of time also seems to be irrelevant. Terminal buffers which are left active overnight, with very little activity and use, work fine the next day. Only terminal buffers which are being heavily-used are made more silent.
I don't know whether this problem is related to emacs20 or emacspeak. Because emacs19 appears to be functioning while 20 is not, emacs appears to be the cause. But, being relatively unfamiliar with emacs internals (or emacspeak internals, for that matter :) I'm not sure what may be causing this problem.
If anyone can offer any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. I am considering downgrading to emacs19, but would rather keep 20, if possible. Thanks.

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