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Re: Emacspeak problems with emacs20

Nolan -

You write "I am running the Debian packages for emacs20 and emacspeak

I am glad to hear someone is taking advantage of the Debian packages.
You did not quote the version numbers of your packages.  The most
recent ones are emacspeak_7.0-4 and emacs20_20.2-4.  If yours are
older, I suggest you upgrade.  Unfortunately, I do not know that any
relevant changes have been made in either package.

If you kill emacs and restart, does the problem go away for another
twenty minutes?

Are you using a DECtalk Express?  What version of firmware? (use M-x
emacspeak-dtk-speak-version, or C-e d V)

I also suggest you record your disk usage (with "df") and memory usage
(with "free"), both just after starting emacs and after the problem
appears.  You could also record the emacs process statistics with "ps
alx|grep emacs".

                              - Jim Van Zandt

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