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Re: Emacspeak problems with emacs20

I'm running the latest versions of emacs20 and emacspeak.
Killing and restarting Emacspeak does solve the problem, but so does simply killing and re-opening the offending terminal buffer.
This DEC-Talk is also fairly new, I'm running the November '96 firmware.
Switching to shell mode for most of my applications seems to have solved the problem. Typing reset while in the terminal buffer, however, still doesn't seem to fix the problem. The problem doesn't appear to be limited to any specific application, either. I usually run anything I need in a line-by-line mode (Using the -d switch for IrcII for example, to disable colors and a windowed interface,) so I'm not sure if the problem is being caused by curses, or any other application that may modify the terminal.
I'll check for memory leaks, but since killing the buffer and re-opening it seems to be a temporary fix, I'm thinking that the problem exists somewhere in eterm, as apposed to within emacs itself.
Thanks for all of your advice.

P.S. I'm using rmail, is there some way of quoting replies? :) I know this message is a bit awkward, and I apologize.

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