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emacspeak 8 questions.

Bart Bunting writes:
 > hi all,
 > i've got two questions:
 > in emacspeak 8, the c-e n command exhibits new behaviour.
 > when you
the beeps are a progress monitor that help when you read
  large buffers.
 > use c-e n you now here beeps before the text is spoken, and the c-e p
 > command (paus) doesn't work in my installation.  has this key moved or
 > something?
See the documentation for dtk-pause --you need to use C-u to
  force previously paused speech to flush.
Now that messages pause speech automatically, 
you have to do this since there may be paused speech that
  you dont know of --especially true after emacs startup.

 > the next question isn't specific to emacspeak 8, but
 > something that's been bugging me for a while.
I dont use vm in that mode i.e. using the summary buffer to
  navigate a folder, which is probably why it doesn't work.

Given that emacspeak produces intelligent spoken summaries
of the message as you move to it with 'n' and 'p' the
summary buffer is just too inconvenient.
 > when reading mail using vm, when you hit space from the summary buffer
 > to reveal the text of the message, emacspeak won't read the text.  the
 > only way i've found of getting it to read the text is to hit c-x, you
 > don't have to finish the command, c-x is enough, i usually cancel this
 > half command by a c-g after emacspeak has read the text.  sometimes
 > (for no reason that i can explain) emacspeak works correctly and reads
 > the text when you hit space.  has anyone seen this behaviour o=and or
 > know a fix for it?
 > TIA
 > Bart

Best Regards,

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