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Re: Problems with the set-mark-command

Thanks T V!  You are correct; I'm setting transient-mark-mode in my
`~/.emacs' file.  Once I disabled it, everything works fine!

Even with this user error, Emacspeak was worth using.  Now that this is
cleared up ....

>>>>> "TVR" == T V Raman <raman@Adobe.COM> writes:

TVR> The advise on kill-region and mark-region-as-kill are
TVR> sufficiently simple that I can assure you that that is not
TVR> the problem.

TVR> I suspect there is something in your environment that is
TVR> indeed deactivating the mark --check if you have
TVR> accidentally turned on transient-mark-mode.

TVR> You can disable the advice of specific commands by using M-x
TVR> ad-disable
TVR> and M-x ad-deactivate
TVR> -- though I dont recommend the above unless you know what
TVR> you are doing.

TVR> The fact that C-x C-x is switching point and mark is a
TVR> pretty strong indication that you have something in your
TVR> environment deactivating the mark when you are at your
TVR> workstation and move the cursor.
TVR> And as I say above, one possible culprit is transient-mark-mode

TVR> -- 
TVR> Best Regards,
TVR> --raman

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