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Realaudio from Emacspeak

Good to see that someone other than me is using the
emacspeak realaudio facility.

Bryan Smart writes:
 > Hello.
 > Wanted to drop you a quick e-mail regarding a small problem with the Realaudio extention of Emacspeak.
 > Best,
 > ----------
 > Description of Problem:
 > Emacspeak turns on auditory icons after playing a
 > Realaudio stream, even if auditory icons were not
 > previously active.
This is a known misfeature --purely due to laziness on my part.
 > This is because the (when emacspeak-use-auditory-icons
 > ...) statement is missing from emacspeak-realaudio-stop
 > in emacspeak-realaudio.el.
it's a little more complicated than that.

the realaudio extension turns off auditory icons if they
were on before beginning to play the realaudio stream.
However it does not record that it did this--
so on the way out it turns them back on.

This causes a problem if the user has auditory icons turned
off,  but does in fact have a sound card that can play
realaudio --
the reason I left things as they are is that I regarded the
above combination to be rare i.e. 
if someone can play realaudio he probably has a sound card
and therefore probably uses auditory icons.

For now just turn it off again by hand --takes two
which is more less than the work I'd have to do to work
around the problem.

--and simply adding a statement to turn it off would not
work --

 > Emacs  : GNU Emacs 20.2.3 (i386-redhat-linux-gnu, X toolkit)
 >  of Tue May 19 1998 on emanon.dyn.ml.org
 > Package: Emacspeak Version: 8.0
 > current state:
 > ==============
 > (setq
 >  emacs-version "20.2.3"
 >  system-type 'gnu/linux
 >  emacspeak-version "8.0"
 >  dtk-tcl "tcl"
 >  dtk-program "dtk-exp"
 >  dtk-speech-rate 480
 >  dtk-character-scale 1.1000000000000001
 >  dtk-split-caps t
 >  dtk-punctuation-mode "some"
 >  emacspeak-word-echo t
 >  emacspeak-character-echo t
 >  )
 > -- 
 > Bryan R. Smart
 > E-Mail: bsmart@pobox.com

Best Regards,

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