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note about my use of "FORWARD"


List buisness here. 

A few weeks back I changed the list so that any mail coming to
emacspeak that was not from someone subscribed to the list would not
get posted.  Insted it is sent to me.  This was implimented because we
were getting spam sent to the list. 

Since that time we have received some more spam,  we have also
received a number of notes that I have forwarded to the list.  I am
trying to figure out the best way to do that.

I have decided against "attaching" them as it puts a whole bunch of
the mail header stuff into the letter.  Instead, I am "cut and
pasting" them in to a letter that I am sending to emacspeak.

If I do this, I am prepending the word "FORWARD:" in all caps to the
original subject.  Please try and remember that so if you hear the
subject begining "FORWARD:" you will know that you need to respond to
the folks named in the body of the message itself rather than to me.

I currently do not see a better way to do this.  I am of corse, open
to suggestions.


 Greg Priest-Dorman
 priestdo@cs.vassar.edu      NO SOLICITING

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