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emacspeak-ss server package

I have uploaded this file to the blinux ftp archive at leb.net:


I expect Gregory Rosmaita will be moving it to
pub/blinux/emacspeak/blinux before long.  It is also available from my
web page,

This is a new package combining Emacspeak servers for the DoubleTalk,
Braille 'n Speak, and (courtesy of code contributed by Jack Chen)
Accent SA synthesizers.

Combining the servers helps in three ways.  First, it makes it easier
to add support for new synthesizers.  The amount of Tcl code that
needs to be written has been greatly reduced.  Much of the code is the
file "all.in", which is shared by all the servers.  I would like to
add support for other synthesizers.  See the file OtherSynthesizers
for details.

Second, combining the servers makes it easier to fix bugs.  Kerry
Hoath just found a problem in tcl-mode, which turned out to be in the
shared code.  This way, all the servers get fixed at once.

Third, combining the servers should make it easier to upgrade to the
next release of Emacspeak.  With luck, the needed changes will be in
the common code so they need only be made and tested once.  Already,
this release upgrades the Accent server to work with Emacspeak 8.0.
(Jack Chen's original server works only with Emacspeak 7.0.)

The "ss" in the package name refers to "speech server".  I have also
simplified the names of the individual servers.  "dtk-dt" has become
"doubletalk".  "dtk-bs" has become "braillenspeak".  The server for
the Accent is called simply "accent".

I expect to release Debian and Red Hat packages for emacspeak-ss
before long.  The emacspeak-ss source and binary packages will
eventually replace all the following:


As always, I appreciate feedback.

                                 - Jim Van Zandt

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