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Re: Emacspeak eterm and speech questions

In response to Brian's helpful comments, the firmware version is 4.2CD,
dated November 8 1996. When issuing an ls command from the Emacspeak
directory, the synthesizer produces some strange noises after having read
the first few directory entries (this was in eterm line mode).

Also, again in eterm, I have noticed that the man command will only work
in character mode. Thus, to read a manual entry I need to display each
page on the screen and then use C-t, spacebar (with pointer mode on) to
read between the Eterm pointer and the terminal cursor. Presumably there
must be a simpler approach. I could, of course, redirect the output to a
file and then read it in a separate emacs buffer. Is there a more
convenient strategy?

With apologies for the naive questions.


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