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Re: Emacspeak eterm and speech questions

Hi Jason,

Well, you're using the same firmware as I am, but I'm not getting
the strange noises.

You said:
> Also, again in eterm, I have noticed that the man command will only work
> in character mode. Thus, to read a manual entry I need to display each
> page on the screen and then use C-t, spacebar (with pointer mode on) to
> read between the Eterm pointer and the terminal cursor. Presumably there
> must be a simpler approach. I could, of course, redirect the output to a
> file and then read it in a separate emacs buffer. Is there a more
> convenient strategy?

Try 'm-x man'.  It'll put a formatted man page into its own buffer,
and supply you with some convenient reading commands.

If you want to use eterm for man pages, stay in terminal-line-mode.
When you want a new page of text, hit the space-bar followed by
return.  terminal-line-mode waits for a newline before
processing your keypresses, whereas the man command is waiting
for a single keystroke - like a space.  Hope that makes sense.

Good luck,

   Brian L. Sellden - brian@henge.com, http://www.henge.com/~brian
		     Just another hack at Gateway
	      User of Emacspeak 8.0,  making Unix talk.
	      What on earth would a man do with himself
		if something did not stand in his way?
		-- H.G. Wells

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