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New fun with getting emacspeak to work!

Well, I did a whole bunch of stuf, reinstalled emacs, moved the nox binary
to be /usr/bin/emacs, then tried to run emacs.  Still got the error.
Looked at /root/.emacs, which loaded .... the setup.el file from
emacspeak.  Did rm .emacs, started emacs, emacs works fine, no error.
Went to my emacspeak source dir, did make config, make emacspeak, went to
the speech server dir, did configure, make install, just to have nice
fresh installs of everything.  Ran the emaspeak script, now I get:  "Can't
load /root/.emacs"
So here's what I conclude:
1.   The error was an emacspeak thing, caused by something in setup.el I
should think.
2.  Whether it was or not, since my emacs is "working" perfectly fine now,
it is an emacspeak problem.  So .... now the question is, of course, how
do I solve it?

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