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Speech-enabling applications

Since all of emacspeak's various application extensions are
this way and all of that source code is available in the
you already have all the material you need.

The steps in speech enabling your mud client for instance
would include:

1) See what mud specific commands that mode supplies.
2) Decide what speech output you want to hear when you use
those commands,
and advice the appropriate functions to speak 

3) If there is additional state you would like to query 
--then add commands that look at the mud client's state to
derive that information and output it via speech.

Nolan Darilek writes:
 > Out of curiousity, is there any information about speech-enabling
 > applications for Emacspeak? Or, if one application behaves like you
 > want another to behave, is it somehow possible to easily duplicate
 > that functionality to a new application?
 > I would like to speech-enable emacs' telnet mode. I've also just FTP'd
 > code for an Emacs-based MUD client that I'd like to try out. It
 > doesn't speak new text as it appears in the buffer, though scrolling
 > with the arrow keys seems to work quite nicely. If possible, I would
 > like to modify buffers of this type to speak all inbound text, as the
 > shell buffer does, for example.
 > Any assistance and pointers to information would be greatly
 > appreciated.
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