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Website that crashes w3 anyone else see this?

I am running Emacs 20.2 emacspeak 8.0 and w3-4.0beta23. I have found
a document that appears to hang Emacs, Does anyone else see the behaviour I
mention? Instructions are below. I report this since it reliably crashes the
system every time you visit it.

Open w3 with m-x w3
Hit c-o and enter the URL http://www.exim.org/
Hit c-x o to switch to the other frame and hit tab once to land on the link,
"The full overview is available". Hit return. Emacs should stop responding
after beeping. I have to kill emacs from another vc.
Should I bring this to the attention of the w3 developers or the page maintainer?

I am using a doubletalk LT with the emacspeak-ss package.
Regards, Kerry.

Kerry Hoath:
kerry@gotss.ml.org or khoath@bitbox.tamtafe.nsw.edu.au

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