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Backspace in incremental search

Add the following defadvice form to your emacs init files --
alternatively, just add it into file emacspeak-advice.el 
and you should get feedback as you hit backspace within
incremental search.

(defadvice isearch-delete-char (after emacspeak pre act)
  "Speak the search hit.
  Produce auditory icons if possible. "
  (dtk-speak isearch-string)
  (when (sit-for 0.5)
    (emacspeak-auditory-icon 'search-hit)
     (if  isearch-forward 
         (- (point) (length isearch-string ))
       (+ (point) (length isearch-string )))
     (emacspeak-speak-line nil ))))
Jason White writes:
 > I have noticed that Emacspeak does not read the character which is being
 > deleted, or re-read the highlighted search result, when the backspace key
 > is pressed during an incremental search. Is this problem peculiar to my
 > setup? The main reason for my encountering this issue is that I am still
 > growing accustomed to the narrower and more closely spaced keys of the
 > laptop computer, and sometimes press adjacent keys inadvertently.
 > Incidentally, the computer has a 102-key keyboard. The layout is
 > compact and somewhat non-standard, but typing rapidly is quite
 > comfortable, once the user adjusts to it.
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