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Re: Website that crashes w3 anyone else see this?

For W3 bugs use W3's bug reporting capability --hit "w" in a
W3 buffer.

Please try the following:
set variable w3-display-frames to 'as-links

(setq w3-display-frames '-as-links)

then open your crasher document, 
and follow the link to each frame to see what happens.

Note: Emacs does crash from time to time --though in general
this is very very rare and getting rarer with newer

Sometimes if you hit a C-g when emacs is busy garbage
collecting, you can either get a crash 
or find emacs suspending itself --in the latter case 
hitting "fg" at the shell 
and answering 
"y" to the question "resume ..."
will get your emacs session back.

(Note: the above prompts of course will not be spoken by emacspeak)

Jason White writes:
 > I have just encountered this problem when reading a CD-ROM that contained
 > an HTML document, which includes frames. Each frame is displayed by W3 as
 > a separate Emacs window. When switching between frames, Emacs crashes
 > completely and the system returns to the shell prompt. I have been told
 > that a "fatal error" is briefly displayed on screen.
 > My setup:
 > Emacs 20.2 for Linux/I386, the version that requires X libraries;
 > Emacspeak 8.0; W3 4.0 beta 23; DECTALK Express speech synthesizer.
 > Question: to whom should I report this problem?
 > I am reluctant to try Emacs 20.3 at this point due to the reported problem
 > with AucTeX mode.
 > Regards,
 > Jason.
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