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Speak line commands stopping speech at punctuation marks


I have a newly installed emacspeak-8.0 with the braillenspeak speech
server from the emacspeak-ss-0.5 distribution.
I find that when I am viewing text in a window such as the emacspeak
info pages when I use the cursor keys, either the arrows or c-n c-p I
only have spoken the text on the line up to a punctuation mark.  This
means on info menus it only reads the star at the beginning of the
line and I have to use m-f to read word by word.  I have also found the
same thing when I have loaded a text file.  I have tried m-x text-mode
ret but this has made no difference.

I also tried c-ed spacebar, this resulted in just single words being
read when I expected whole lines.

I have RedHat linux 5.1 but have compiled my own emacs and
emacspeak since I had problems with the emacs rpm.

Please help!

Jim O'Sullivan

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