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Re: Speak line commands stopping speech at punctuation marks

Jim -

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with the Braille 'n Speak
speech server.  I have two suggestions.  First and foremost, please
reread the instructions in README.braillenspeak and be sure you are
putting the device in the right mode.  There are at least three
different "speech box" modes.  If that does not help, can you find out
whether you have the most recent version of the firmware?

Unfortunately, I cannot test here at present.  I borrowed a Braille 'n
Speak for development, but I have since returned it.  

Do any other users have suggestions?

		- Jim Van Zandt

>Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 19:16:33 +0100
>Resent-from: emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu
>From: listen@ukonline.co.uk
>I have a newly installed emacspeak-8.0 with the braillenspeak speech
>server from the emacspeak-ss-0.5 distribution.
>I find that when I am viewing text in a window such as the emacspeak
>info pages when I use the cursor keys, either the arrows or c-n c-p I
>only have spoken the text on the line up to a punctuation mark.  This
>means on info menus it only reads the star at the beginning of the
>line and I have to use m-f to read word by word.  I have also found the
>same thing when I have loaded a text file.  I have tried m-x text-mode
>ret but this has made no difference.
>I also tried c-ed spacebar, this resulted in just single words being
>read when I expected whole lines.
>I have RedHat linux 5.1 but have compiled my own emacs and
>emacspeak since I had problems with the emacs rpm.
>Please help!
>Jim O'Sullivan

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