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W3 4.0 beta 23 and HTML tables

This is probably another elementary question, but my search for
information has so far not met with much success.

There is a feature of Emacspeak 8.0 which facilitates the reading of HTML
tables. I have downloaded the sample table that T.V. Raman distributed via
this list soon after the 8.0 release. Neither this table, nor other tables
that I have tried, have been read correctly; Emacspeak 8.0 with W3 4.0
beta 23 always reads straight across each line irrespective of tabular
layout. I have also tried the c-e tab command which is supposed to permit
browsing of the table contained in a marked region. This does not work in
W3 mode.

Where am I making the mistake?

Also, does Emacspeak support the HEADERS, AXIS and SCOPE attributes that
were added, to support speech output, in HTML 4.0?

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