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W3 4.0 beta 23 and HTML tables

from memory, there was a problem with the tables.html file
in the distribution.
I'll attach it below.

Also, the table processing addon still has many problems to
resolve and breaks on most of the hairy tables on the WWW
--though at least in my environment it appears to work on
simple tables--

There is a lot of work to be done there, and neither Bill
Perry or I are able to do justice to it in our vanishingly
small spare time.
To get this correct, we'll basically need about three weeks
full time at it.

P.S. Note: I am still running 4.0.21 of w3 dont remember why
I didn't upgrade to .23.

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this is to test a table cell that possibly spans more than
one line. We need Emacspeak to work well with this kind of content.
January 1, 1997
January 2, 1997

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Jason White writes:
 > This is probably another elementary question, but my search for
 > information has so far not met with much success.
 > There is a feature of Emacspeak 8.0 which facilitates the reading of HTML
 > tables. I have downloaded the sample table that T.V. Raman distributed via
 > this list soon after the 8.0 release. Neither this table, nor other tables
 > that I have tried, have been read correctly; Emacspeak 8.0 with W3 4.0
 > beta 23 always reads straight across each line irrespective of tabular
 > layout. I have also tried the c-e tab command which is supposed to permit
 > browsing of the table contained in a marked region. This does not work in
 > W3 mode.
 > Where am I making the mistake?
 > Also, does Emacspeak support the HEADERS, AXIS and SCOPE attributes that
 > were added, to support speech output, in HTML 4.0?
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