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Questions concerning remote Emacspeak

I have been an Emacspeak user for nearly two years, but have never
really needed to consider running it remotely, until now. I'm not sure
if I completely understand the concept, so I'll describe my situation

I am a CS student, and occasionally need to use the computer
labs. None of these computers are speech-accessible, however I do have
all of the development tools I need on my ethernet-connected Linux
box. So, in order to use the tools on my box from the computer lab,
would I be able to telnet into my Linux box, run emacspeak, and have
it communicate with a speech server running on the machine in the lab?
Would the lab machine even need a copy of Emacs? Furthermore, are
there any complications that I need to be aware of, as far as keyboard
input goes? (I'm guessing I'd have to use escape instead of alt for
meta commands, but is there anything else that may pose problems?)

The machines in the labs also use 95/nt. Is there a Dectalk speech
server for these platforms available yet? If so, where can I obtain a
copy, and if not, are there plans to develop one in the near future?

Thanks in advance.

                                           Nolan Darilek
                                         ICQ UIN: 15709478

             "We are not without accomplishment. We have managed to
                          distribute poverty equally."
                 -Nguyen Co Thatch, Vietnamese foreign minister

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