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tcl under Solaris


I am trying to run emacspeak-8.0 on a SUNOS 5.6. I downloaded
emacspeak from Raman's home page.

Installing emacspeak: 

`make config' and `make emacspeak' were OK, however, `make install'
failed. Replacing the GNU `install' and `make' programs with the default
programs solved this problem.

Installing tcl:

1. Tcl/Tk 8.0p2 (that's for patch level 2)

2. TclX 8.0.2 (according to the documentation, this is the version of TclX 
   that is supposed to be used with Tcl/Tk 8.0p2)

Above packages have been installed successfully.

Testing tcl with Dectalk driver (dtk-exp):

Environment vars are set to right values:
setenv DTK_PROGRAM "dtk-exp"
setenv DTK_PORT "/dev/ttyb"

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