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Locating Emacs packages

What is the best means of locating up to date Emacs Lisp packages? Is
there any central repository or reference page? The most recent FAQ that I
could find is three years old. It includes reference to an Elisp archive,
which also seems very out of date (several of the links mentioned in the
FAQ no longer work, and the only archive that I could find had not been
updated recently).

Incidentally, I have just received T. V. Raman's book on Auditory User
Interfaces, in ASCII format (lightly marked up with ICADD tags, though
without conforming to the DTD). It is distributed by RFB & D
(http://www.rfbd.org/). I would highly recommend this book s providing an
outstanding exposition of the "speech enabling" approach, which is
described in general terms, in the context of current and emerging audio
technologies and user interface design techniques, then exhibited
in a concrete implementation, namely Emacspeak.

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